Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shades of Gray

Recently in the news and in the mainstream talk radio there has been some talk of a protester at Occupy Oakland that was hit by a man in his Mercedes. You can see the video and decide for yourself as to what happened. According to some other sources some of the protesters started targeting this car because it was a luxury car (go figure) and started banging on the hood. The driver began yelling out the window and a verbal fight got underway and rather than get jumped by a dozen occutard zombies he reved the engine and got out of there. In the process he clipped one of the protesters and now they are upset that he is not being charged with hit and run.
This brings up a great survival philosophy that is disgust in one of my favorite SHTF books is "The Gray Man" principle.

The Gray Man is a cammelion of sorts, he believes in being as "invisible" as possible by not standing out. No jewelry or fancy clothes, no fancy car (dude sell that $60k car and get a 4x4, you're going to need it more than a sedan when SHTF) or other signs of prosperity. If the economy doesn't pick with the next election or (God Forbid) if our current, eh, (I hate to call him president because he doesn't act like one) Executive Office gets another term, then expect to see more of this. People who appear "better" off will be targeted by the "needy" for their unfair accumulation of wealth.
By blending in as much as possible by wearing your old jeans and that old T-shirt with all the stains on it (You know the one your wife hates and wants you to through out but it's just SO comfortable.) with a pair of old work boots makes you look "normal"and lessens your chances of being mugged for your appeared wealth. Avoiding logo items and obviously brand specific clothing is the first step in hiding in plain sight.
Another step is to look at your house. What does the yard look like? Does it look the similar to the rest of the neighborhood? Or do you have a very manicured lawn with various little garden gnomes and other little yard decorations that say this person has money to spend on the outside, what they got on the inside? I'll address this topic more in the coming posts. Hopefully I have planted some seeds in your mind to mull over.

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